Hello. My name is IOANA LUPASCU. I use meaningful visual inquiry to understand and map out User Experience. I design software that delights customers and meets well defined needs.

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Throughout my career, I have strived to bring the visual aspect of storytelling and video production into the world of engineering. Sometimes, this meant creating visually stimulating graphics to convey the stories of users to internal teams developing a product or external consultants developing a software. Other times, it meant organizing entire small companies into impromptu video production teams to create visual material to present to boards of investors and VCs. This portfolio highlights some of my best usability, video, and engineering work, as I have moved through the engineering space in Biotech and High Tech, from Boston to San Francisco, bringing an eye for aesthetics throughout the product development cycles of many products across several start-ups, large corporations, and independent client projects. Check out my work, and welcome to the SparkIntuit channel.

1. The Technologies

Over the past 12 years, I have used the tools of systems, biomedical, and genetic engineering to develop technologies in Biotech and Software Development, in start-ups, academia, and large corporations in US and Europe.

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2. The Users

I have applied a high empathy approach, human centered design, and tools of facilitative leadership to understand the behaviors of users of various products (hardware/ software, wet lab) in startups and large organizations.

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3. The Stories

Some of the films I have directed and produced, highlighting innovative technologies and interesting storylines. These short films have been featured for audiences such as Marie Claire Italia, Dubai Bid for World Fair, MIT World Hunger Conference, NASA workshops.



I founded SparkIntuit in 2011, in an effort to bring an intuitive flow into my life projects, both in my corporate career and in the independent work I was taking on. I wanted first to highlight through film the work of socially conscious engineers in the US and in the developing world. I stretched myself into unknown territory, trying to start my own business, and to find my own voice. What I discovered is that innovation begins at the edge of the comfort zone, where creativity grows and knowledge expands. This portfolio is a summary of the technical and visual projects I have undertaken so far, following my intuitive guidance and creative impulses while working to bring useful products, communication tools, and solutions to clients across industries and around the world.

Patent, Capturing Circulating Tumor Cell on a Microfluidic Device

Video Production Projects completed for Engineering, Socially Conscious Clients

Years Experience of User-Centric Engineering Roles in High Tech Environments

Complex Integrated Hardware-Software Technologies

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